Combined Council of Labrador
Wayne Earle Award Winners
Sheila Chubbs - Award Winner 2017
Sheila was born on March 29th, 1954. She was the second oldest of 7 children of Leslie and Muriel Chubbs of L'Anse Au Clair. Her parents operated a general store from 1973 to 1983. Sheila grew up in L'Anse au Clair, and apart from pursuing post secondary, she has lived in L'Anse Au Clair all her life. Sheila graduated from Mountain Field Central High School in Forteau in 1971. She worked at her parents business in 1972 until September 1973. The following year she attend post secondary school at Happy Valley Vocational School in Goose Bay. She did the "Beauty Culture" course. She operated her own beauty salon in L'Anse Au Clair for three years until she decided to sell her business. She worked again at her parents business until 1983 when she started working as Town Manager with the Town of L'Anse Au Clair where she worked until 1987. She attended the Cabot Institute for two years from 1987 to 1989 in Accounting and immediately staffed working for the Labrador Fisherman's Union Shrimp Company upon graduation. She retired as the Office Manager/ Accountant on December 31st, 2016.

She was elected to the Combined Councils Labrador as VP for the Labrador Straits and then as Treasurer from 2013 to present. She was elected as Councillor for the Town of L'Anse Au Clair for 14 years and Deputy Mayor for 8 years. She is also a member of the Labrador Straits Waste Disposal Committee from 2013 to present. She was appointed as the representative for the Town of L' Anse Au Clair on the board of the Labrador Straits Historical Development Corporation from 2013 to Present. She was elected to the Board of the Labrador Straits Development Corporation for four years. She was a member of the Board of the Labrador Straits Development Association for two years. Member of the L'Anse Au Clair Recreation Committee from 1983-1987 Coordinator for the Town of L' Anse Au Clair for the 1987 Labrador Winter Games. Organized and chaired the "Relay for Life" for 2 years which included teams from the Labrador Straits and Quebec Lower North Shore. Treasurer for St. Andrews Church in L'Anse Au Clair for 26 years. Treasurer for the Anglican Parish of Forteau for 20 years
Superintendent and Teacher of Sunday School for 30 years. Treasurer of the L' Anse au Clair Come Home Year Committee in 2008.
Jackie Compton - Hobbs Award Winner 2017
Jackie has been volunteering in the community for over 20 years. She has volunteered in almost every section such as recreation, housing, women's issues, persons with disabilities, service groups. Currently she sits on several committees within Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Just to name a few: Co-Chair — Mokami Status of Women Council Co-Chair — Happy Valley Goose Bay Housing & Homelessness Coalition President of Ladies Softball League since 1995 Active Kinnette member Member of the Steering Committee NL Housing & Homelessness Network She is a leader in the community and continues to make the community stronger in many aspects.

Everyone in the community as a whole benefits from Jackie's involvement. As you are aware housing is an issue right across the country. Jackie continues to attend conferences both provincially and nationally. In the past Jackie chaired a committee that rebuilt a home for the Rhona Parsons Rea family in Happy Valley Goose Bay who tragically lost their home in a fire. She coordinated the fundraising, construction, volunteers and other community partners until the home was completed. The name of the project was "Let's Build a House for Rhona, Paul and Shaun".Jackie spent two years dedicated to this project until the family was handed the key to move in to a brand new home. She worked endlessly with businesses and community groups who provided volunteers to help build the home. Jackie secured the construction, plumbing, electrical and landscaping through volunteerism.
She also organized many fundraisers to raise $50 000 for the building materials. Jackie continues to be a role model and has earned a lot of respect over the years through her volunteer work.

She has received several awards in the past. Most recently she received the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Award for her volunteer work.

In 2011 she received an award for Citizen of The Year in recognition of her leadership in the community. Jackie has encouraged many residents over the years to follow her role in the community as a volunteer. She is well known throughout Labrador and never hesitates to volunteer her time in any area.
Karen Oldford - Award Winner -2016
Karen has been a resident of Labrador City for 30 years. She moved from Torbay to gain full-time employment as a registered nurse. With her husband (a proud resident of Labrador City since 1964), they have raised two children, who both currently live and work in Labrador City.

Karen brings a strong history of community involvement and volunteerism. Some of the groups she has been involved with include: the Newfoundland and Labrador Nurses Union negotiating team and executive from 1987 to 2005; served with the Canadian Ski Patrol for ten years; served on school councils at Labrador City Collegiate and Menihek High School; been an active volunteer for over fifteen years with Labrador West Minor Hockey; served as Co-chair of the Labrador West Wellness Coalition; volunteered with the Lung Association; served as an Alter Server and Lector with the Basilica of Our Lady Parish; Community Advisory Panel Social and housing Subcommittees, and a founding member of the Labrador West Regional Task Force. Karen served as Co chair of the Housing and Homelessness Coalition and was part of the team who bought the first Habitat for Humanity builds to Labrador West.

In September 2003 Karen returned to school full time to complete the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner program in December 2005 graduating 2nd academically in her class.
In January 2006 Karen was invited to sit on the Provincial Clinical Advisory Committee for the Pharmacy Network. Karen received a "Mini Ovation" award from the Newfoundland and Labrador Nurses Union in October 2006 in recognition of her dedication to nursing unionism.

In February 2007 she was invited to sit on a Provincial working group to develop
Guidelines for Women's Health Clinics in the Province based on best practice research.

Oldford represented the ARNNL on the provincial Pharmacy Network and Governance
Advisory Committee as co chair. In April 2011 Karen was chosen by the Canadian Nurses Association and profiled as a "Nurse To Know" in their National Magazine — The Canadian Nurse.
One of Karen's proudest achievements was been named a Torch Bearer for the 2010 Winter Olympics based on her community activism and volunteerism.

Karen was elected Deputy Mayor of Labrador City in 2009 and assumed the role of Mayor in 2011, in 2013 she was acclaimed Mayor. Oldford has been an active member of the Member Atlantic Mayors Congress since assuming the role of mayor. was elected President of Municipalities NL in November 2015.
Herbert Jacque - Award Winner 2015
Herbert Jacque— Born in Northwest River on September 28th, 1957 but Makkovik is very much considered his home.
After completing his ABE, Herb spent three years at the Fisheries College — returning home during the summers to work at the fish plant—and also on a freezer trawler in the offshore fishery. His career in the fishery brought him to be in charge of Quality Control with the Torngat Fish Producers Co-op.

From 1982-1991 he moved on to become an inspector with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Herb has served eight years on the Board of Directors for Labrador Legal Servies and six years with the Torngat Regional Housing Association.

Herb was first elected as a town councilor in 1996, and spent 5 years as Mayor of Makkovik, and has serves as AngajuKkak for over 10 years.

Herb is no stranger to the Combined Councils of Labrador, having spent two decades serving the interests of Makkovik, and indeed all of Labrador. A truly dedicated Indigenous leader.

A fitting award, Herb is a long time colleague and friend of Wayne Earle, even before their involvement with the Combined Councils they met at the Arctic Winter Games in 1976.
Deborah E Barney - Award Winner 2014
Deborah E. Barney, or Deb as she is affectionately known, was born on January 2nd, 1957 in L'Anse au Loup to Hayward and Alice Normore. Deb was raised there, along with her five sisters and brother. Through her parents and large family, Deb learned what it was to be a true Labradorian. She learned the importance of volunteering, donating and hard work from her parents. Deb quickly learned how gratifying volunteering can be and sought to do it
Deb graduated from Mountain Field Central High school in Forteau and upon graduating went on to the Nursing Assistant Program in Grand Falls-Windsor. She graduated in 1975 and immediately began work at international Grenfell Association in St. Anthony alongside her sister Tene.

In 1981 Deb married Calvin Barney and 2 years later they took the opportunity to return home. Deb began working for Labrador South Home Care, becoming their first employee. Shortly after, Deb and Calvin completed their family with the addition of Deirdre Isabella. Even with a new career and baby, Deb was able to continue her volunteer work.

Deb has volunteered on numerous committees. She started the 50+ Club and had been a part of the Labrador Straits Development Corporation since its start. Deb has also served as the Labrador Winter Games Coordinator, among her many positions.

Currently, she is volunteering on the Town Council of L'Anse Au Loup, which she has served on for more than 20 years. In her involvement with the Town Council, Deb has held a multitude of positions including Councilor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor. Recently, at the Municipalities Newfoundland AGM she was presented with a 20 year Recognition Service Award.

Deb has many years sitting on various boards including 20 years at the Labrador Straits Senior Complex, 14 years at the Labrador Straits Waste Disposal, ten years at the Labrador Regional Wellness Coalition and eight years at the Southern Labrador Development Association. Attending many conventions, conferences, annual meetings and training, such as the Municipalities NL Convention, the Combined Councils of Labrador annual meetings and the NL 50+ Federation.

Deb Barney is a name known by many. Her compassion and dedication are hard to miss. Today, Deb and her family reside in L'Anse Au Loup, a place filled with memories and people close to her heart.
Nath Moores Award Winner 2014
Nath Moores was born in Red Bay on September 20, 1951 to Ellis and Lily Moores. He is the youngest of five children. Nath grew up in Red Bay, where he stayed until completion of Grade 10. He spent the 11th grade in St. Anthony and when that year was done, returned to Red Bay to teach for a year.

Nath then went on to attend Memorial University in St. John's where he received his Bachelor of Arts and his Bachelor of Education. He spent 28 years teaching in a multi-grade classroom as well as the principal of St. Andrew's Elementary in L'Anse au Clair. Two years after moving to L'Anse au Clair, he married Barbara Chubbs and together they had three sons: Corwin, Justin and William. Nath and Barbara have operated Moores Handicrafts for more than 35 years. While Nath has retired from teaching, he is still very involved in the business.

Even with teaching, running a business and raising three accomplished children, Nath was able to devote many hours of his time volunteering for both his community and Labrador as a whole. In 1992, Nath was elected to the Council of the Town of L Anse au Clair and this year will have served 24 years as Mayor. Additionally, he served for 12 years on the Combined Councils of Labrador holding positions such as Secretary/treasurer, Vice President for the Labrador Straits and Acting President.

As one of the founders of the organization Labrador Straits Historical Development Corporation, Nath served the organization for 19 years from inception in the 1980s through 2006. He was also appointed by the Labrador Straits Historical Development Corporation as their representative on the Ferry Committee.

Nath served as Treasurer for 16 years and then President for 4 years of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association, Northern Light Branch. As a leader in organizing the L'Anse au Clair Recreation Committee in 1975, he served as Chairperson until the 1980s. The committee completed projects to develop Ball Field, improve the outdoor rink and obtain funding for arts programming in the elementary school.

Nath has been a leader for young people in Labrador, having served as a leader of the Boy Scouts of L'Anse au Clair, and as a coach with the minor hockey program for 10 years. Currently, Nath is a firefighter with the L' Anse au Clair Volunteer Fire Department, a department he helped organize in the 1980s and has served with since. Nath has truly been dedicated to bettering Labrador.
Peter Reccord Award Winner 2014
Peter Reccord has lived in Labrador City since August 1964. During his early years he was a lifeguard at the Wabush Pool. He also went door to door campaigning for arthritis and cancer funding. Peter was also involved in the Winter Carnival Committee. His dedication to service has been most notable in his work with the Labrador West Lions Club, an organization he has been a part of since 1970. Peter has held every executive position in the Labrador West Lions Club and has won numerous awards for his involvement. These awards include the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award (1991) and the Life Membership Award (1990). Additionally, Peter has organized the Lions Quest Program and was Coordinator and Leader of the Lions Club Santa Clause Parade. Currently, he holds the position of Secretary/Treasurer. Another one of Peter' s notable involvements has been his work with the Anglican Church, where he has served on many committees and on the Church Joint Board of Management. peter has also held various positions on the Labrador West Integrated School Board, including Board Chairperson, and the Labrador City Recreation Commission for a number of years. He has served as an Executive Member at the Labrador West Food Bank. Peter has been a member of the Tops-NF 2071 chapter since 1980 and during that time served as president for one year and was also a winner of the Provincial Award.
The list of Peter's community involvements continues, showing his dedication to serving others in his community. He was the Chairperson on the Labrador West Waste Management Committee and on the Organizing Committee of the Newfoundland Winter Games. As a part of the Labrador City Town Council, Peter has served numerous committees as: the Councillor/Deputy Mayor, the Finance and Administration Committee Chair, the Beautification and Enhancement Committee Chair, the Winter Lights Committee Member, the Tidy Towns
Committee Member, the Winter Carnival Committee Member and the 50th Anniversary Committee Chair. Peter has also been extensively recognized by his colleagues and community having been awarded such honors as the Labrador City Builders Award, the Labrador City Adult Volunteer of the Year, the Labrador City
Executive Member of the Year, the Citizen of the Year Award in 1989, the
Provincial Pitcher Plant Award 1995-1996, NLSBA Leadership Award of Excellence 1995, the National Certificate of Merit for Community Contribution 1988 and the Queens Diamond Jubilee Award 2013. These extensive awards are a testament to the history of service Peter had provided to his community and continues to provide.
Richard Rich Award Winner 2012
Richard Rich grew up in Rocky Cove and Rigolet, Labrador, where he moved with his family when he was 12 years old. He attended Yale Boarding School in North West River where he completed high school.

Richard has dedicated 40 years to municipal politics, joining the Rigolet council in 1973. Over these years he has served as Mayor, Deputy Mayor and currently serving as councillor. In 1997 Richard received the Queen's Jubilee Medal for his hard work and dedication to municipal politics.

He was elected to the Rigolet Inuit Community Government Council in December 2010. He is a Board of Director Torngat Fish Producers Cooperative Society Ltd. and is a member of the local housing committee. Richard has also served on the Labrador School Board, OK Society and the Heritage Foundation.

As you can see, Richard has represented his community and region He continues to serve his community and region with determination, devotion and conviction and is a worthy recipient of this award.
Madelyn Kelly - Award Winner 2011
Madelyn has contributed greatly to the community of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, both as a councillor for two terms and in her capacity as a volunteer for many organizations within the community. She gave of her time to help straighten the region both socially and economically by her contribution many to committees and boards. She is a great ambassador for Labrador and is a worthy recipient of the Wayne Earle Community Service Award.
Alton Rumbolt – Award Winner 2010
Alton was the recipient of the Wayne Earle Award for the 2010-2011 because of his contribution to his home community of Mary's Harbour and the region he represents on the Combined Councils of Labrador. He is involved in all aspects of community development and has served on many organizations within his community and the region. Alton continues to be, a strong voice for residents of Southeastern Labrador and Labrador in general. He has demonstrated his commitment to the region, effectively creating social and economic development in the area. Alton is very deserving to be recognized for his dedication and commitment by being presented with the Wayne Earle Community Service Award.
Terry Hancock - Award Winner 2009
Terry was the recipient of the Wayne Earle Award for the 2009-10 because of his contribution to his community of Forteau and the whole of Labrador. His love of Labrador is shown in his continued contribution to many organizations within his community and the region. He is a true community member in every sense of the word and is certainly deserving of the Wayne Earle Community Service Award.
Ford Rumbolt Award Winner 2008
The recipient of the Wayne Earle Award for 2008 was Mayor Ford Rumbolt of Mary's Harbour.

Mayor Rumbolt was presented the award during the Combined Councils of Labrador Annual General meeting in January 2009 which was held in the community of North West River.
Graham Letto Award Winner 2007
The recipient of the Wayne Earle Award for 2007 was Mayor Graham Letto of Labrador City.

Mayor Letto was presented the award during the Combined Councils of Labrador Annual General meeting in January 2008 which was held in the community of Port Hope Simpson.

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