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Welcome to our travel page. Throughout this page we try to provide as much information as possible and external links to important travel information you will need if planning a trip to Labrador. You may click on the map to the left for an enlarged version.
Labrador is a large geographical region with a land mass area of 294,330 km2.Geographically, the United Kingdom or Atlantic Canada could fit into the land mass of Labrador.

The Labrador region of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is approximately three times the size of the Island portion of the province, yet less than 10% of the province’s population lives here.

Labrador has 32 communities, of these, 26 are stretched along the extensive coastline. There are 2 urban centers in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Labrador City.

Labrador forms the eastern most part of the Canadian Shield and has a rugged terrain typical of that region.It has majestic mountains and spectacular views.

In 2002, a road network was opened from L’anse au Clair to Cartwright on the south coast.The remaining distance to Happy Valley-Goose Bay is entering the construction phase in 2003 and is due to be completed by 2008.The road network also continues from Happy Valley-Goose Bay, to Labrador West, into Quebec and mainland Canada.

The 6 communities on the north Coast are not yet connected to road and rely heavily on air and marine travel throughout the year and snowmobile in the winter.There is a winter snowmobile trail network throughout Labrador, of almost 1500 kilometers.

Winters here are long, normally lasting from November to April, with snow in all areas.This can be challenging but the winters are a time for adventure, with all the activities and an average of 160 hours of sunlight.
Road Travel Information and Related Links
Labrador has a mix of paved and high quality gravel roads.If traveling to Labrador by road there are three options.You may drive route 389 from Quebec entering at Labrador City.You may use route 510 by taking the ferry across the Strait of Belle Isle arriving in Blanc Sablon Quebec and just two 5 kilometers to the first community of L'anse au Clair.Or finally you may drive route 138 in Quebec as far as Natashquan and take another ferry into Blanc Sablon.

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Air Travel Information and Related Links
For Air Travel there are three primary options.Air Canada Jazz operates a service out of Halifax into Happy Valley - Goose Bay and both Air Labrador and Innu Mikun Airlines operate flights via Deer Lake and St. John's.To reach into the smaller coastal communities Air Labrador and Innu Mikun having competing fares.

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Marine Travel Information and Related Links
Labrador has an extensive ferry network connecting the island of Newfoundland to Labrador and intra-Labrador.For extensive scheduling and reservations information a link is provided.

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Train Travel Information and Related Links
Another option when traveling to Labrador is via train.You may get on the train in Sept-Isle Quebec and travel to Labrador City or continue on to Schefferville, Quebec.

Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway (709-944-8205/2490)

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