Combined Council of Labrador
Central Labrador - Zone 3
Central Labrador - Zone 3
Central Labrador in many respects acts as a service center to Labrador's coastal region.Central is home to four communities.Happy Valley - Goose Bay, North West River, Sheshatshiu and Mud Lake.

Happy Valley - Goose Bay

Happy Valley - Goose Bay is the largest town in central Labrador with approximately 8000 residents.The town is a melting pot for diverse cultures.Residents include the Inuit, Innu, Metis, Settlers and Europeans from the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany that work at 5 Wing Goose Bay; the town's largest employer.

Official Town of Happy Valley - Goose Bay Site[Link]

North West River

North West River is the oldest community in central Labrador with a rich history of trapping and aboriginal cultures.The town is a must see on your central Labrador itinerary with a provincial Interpretation Center, the Labrador Heritage Society, Hudson Bay Company Museum, a great waterfront, beach, walking trails and lookouts.Try your best to make it to the North West River Beach Festival.

Official Town of North West River Web Site[Link]

Mina Hubbard Centennial Celebrations


Sheshatshiu is one of Labrador's two predominately Innu communities; the other is Natuashish in Labrador North.Sheshatshiu is a growing community with a very young population.The community infrastructure has also grown in recent years with a new Olympic size hockey rink!

Mud Lake

Mud Lake is a very small and quaint village in central Labrador only accessible by small boat in the summer or snowmobile in the winter.First established with a forestry industry.Every year the Mud Lake fair makes for an excellent outing.

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