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Southeast Labrador - Zone 4
Southeastern Labrador - Zone 4
Labrador Southeast coast has recently been opened up to the world with the completion of Phase II of the Trans- Labrador Highway.The region is largely depended upon the fishery and tourism with some of the region's tourism jewels.

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Cartwright is a predominantly Metis community with many tourism amenities and port of call for the MV Sir Robert Bond.Cartwright is also a great place to go sea kayaking and explore the famous Porcupine Strand.

Paradise River

Paradise River is a very small and scenic community located right on the highway.Take your time to explore this little village and get some great pictures.


Charlottetown is a great fishing community where you will find plenty of boats in the harbour.The main employer is the local shrimp plant and every year the annual Shrimp Festival is a must see activity.

Black Tickle / Domino

Black Tickle / Domino is a very remote community located on Spotted Island and only accessible by boat in the summer or snowmobile in the winter.The provincial government operate a marine service to the community and local residents welcome visitors into their homes.

Port Hope Simpson

Port Hope Simpson is one of the most scenic communities along the Labrador Southeast and home to the dramatic Alexis River.Port Hope is also strategically placed around the mid-way point of the Labrador Coastal Drive.There are many amenities including hotels, restaurants and service stations in the community.

Williams Harbour

Williams Harbour is another remote community only accessible by boat in the summer and snowmobile in the winter.The provincial government operate a marine service to the community an annually they host a festival celebrating the Golden Cod in Gilbert's Bay.

Pinsent's Arm

Pinsent's Arm is a small historic fishing village located further out St. Michael's Bay. Pinsent's Arm is now accessible by highway from the Charlottetown.The area is beautiful and makes for a nice drive.

Norman Bay

Norman Bay is one of the more remote communities on Labrador southeast coast.Only accessible by marine services in the summer months.Norman Bay is one of the few small fishing communities that has survived the resettlement days of the 1960's.

St. Lewis / Fox Harbour

St. Lewis is located right in Iceberg Alley.The small fishing village is accessible from the Trans-Labrador Highway and has some great walking trails completed and in development.This is a good location to see some of Labrador's best icebergs.

Mary's Harbour

Mary's Harbour is a picturesque community located right on the Trans-Labrador Highway, home to the annual Crab Festival and gateway to the National Historic District of Battle Harbour.

Battle Harbour, Labrador

Lodge Bay

During the nineteenth and early twentieth Century, Lodge Bay was used mainly as a principal fishing station on the Labrador coast by seasonal crews from the United States, Canada, France, England, and the island of Newfoundland. The major employment for the inhabitants was inshore cod, salmon, herring, and mackerel fisheries.Today most people work at the Crab Plant in Mary's Harbour.There is a great salmon river in Lodge Bay and gas station for your journey along the highway.

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